Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Microhydel Manual for Engineers, Tech. Experts and General Readers, Chapter # 08(Electrical Parts of a Microhydel Power Project)

Electrical Parts of a Microhydel Power Project consist of the following;

  • Conductors
  • Insulators
  • Poles
  • Clips
  • Cables
  • Control panels
  • Electronic load controllers
  • Binding wires
  • Transformers
  • Bushes
  • Many more
Among all these components, conductors do a very vital job, they carry current from alternator to consumer. In other words, they the medium of transportation of electricity from generating source to end point. So it is very important to choose best quality and best brand conductors. Use of open market conductors should be avoided and discouraged because these are only wires not conductors, having no specifications and standard. 
Since, we work on small scale units with little amount of load current to carry, good quality conductors for distribution line network. There is reasonable no issue if open market conductors are used for transmission network in case if transformer is suggested for a unit. The transformer covers up the losses in voltage, other wise for direct transmission/distribution network reasonably good quality with thick diameter should be used. Avoid to use transformers in remote areas because in case of any electrical fault in transformer, it is difficulty for the beneficiaries to repair or transport the transformer for repair. 

This chapter covers all the aspects of Mechanical components of a Microhydel Power project. Read the whole chapter carefully and if possible, note down your points of interest. Don;t say that this a general book which can be had from anywhere. I would like to mention that such books are not available in market, it is lesson by learnt book. Therefore read the book thoroughly and get as more benefits as you can. 
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