Friday, 29 December 2017

Microhydel Manual for Engineers, Tech. Experts and General Readers, Chapter # 09 (Operations & Precautions )

                                                                      Chapter # 9

                                                            Operation & Precautions

Hi guys, to run or operate a system or a device, either it is small or big in size is a difficult job. The individuals who take the responsibility of such tasks should highly be motivated, active and healthy. Here in this Chapter, we are discussing the operation &maintenance of Microhydel Power Projects. These are small units, just like kids. A kid doesn't fulfills your demands or obeys your orders unless and until, you will fulfill his or her demands. So first spend something on the kid and then get something from him or her. You have to monitor all activities of your kids on daily basis and then you will get some fruitful results from your kids. 
To operate a microhydel Power project, there should be a skilled, trained and technically sound individuals who can handle the project without any hurdle. The operator must be healthy, sound to work and of good to his work. 
Since, there moving parts like pulleys, belts, flywheel and shafts which rotate during operation of the mhp so the operator should be precarious about these parts and adopt precarious measurements while performing his duties.
Any negligence in operation may cause serious issues to the operators. About repair and maintenance of an MHP, you will read the story in this chapter by clicking the link given below which can not visible because you are at the middle of the page. Scroll the page down and you will see the link. The main task for you to access the chapter is just go to the link and by tapping your finger on the link you will get the chapter. 

For downloading the chapter please click here on the link below for further reading.
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